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At Candy Waxing Studio we believe in the beauty of bare skin and well-groomed body hair. We are proud to offer full-service waxing menus for both women and men from facial to Brazilian bikinis, backs, eyebrows, legs and full body waxes.

Our mission is to offer an extraordinary waxing experience at a realistic price in a clean and safe environment. Aiming at exceptional customer service through the experienced, talented staff and product innovation, we’re using all natural hard wax that can pull 99% hair bulbs resulting in finer and fewer regrowth in the long term. We put on the fresh glove, make a fresh paper bed for each and every treatment, and say NO to double-dipping.

Give us a call today for additional information on the quality full-service waxing options that we offer.

Get smooth and stay smooth naturally at Candy Waxing Studio!